Whilst on lockdown we decided to have a complete makeover of the garden at Horticap. It all started when we needed to dig out the ground elder that has taken over and some bright spark said…Let’s dig it all out and start again with the planting. Well things have developed from there. It has been designed by Horticap and Nick Fryer (http://nicholasedwardgardens.com/) who will be the main contractor.  All the companies and individuals who are helping us, are doing so completely free of charge. Bless them all.

Our old garden and design has done us proud but it’s time for a change and now is the time.. Our aim is to do a full makeover of the existing garden for our students and customers to enjoy. This will complement  our amazing shop and cafe which will be opening soon……fingers crossed. It will be more accessible to everyone including those with mobility issues… no steps and no gravel and NO ground elder.  We have pods coming of the main walkway so people can sit and enjoy the garden whist be socially safe.

We have to be 2m apart while working in it which makes things more difficult but not impossible. Plus we have no budget, 

But no fear, we have several companies and many willing to help and donate. It’s going to be built with social distancing in mind for today and the future. Our aim is to complete it within the month of August. 


Under lockdown we have been overwhelmed with offers of help. We have seen the very best in our community. We will bring you some of the people and companies willing to donate as we go through the build. But with HACS, GH Brooks and Marshalls on board, we are in good hands. They all bring different crafts, talents and personalities to the project.

Hopefully our students will be back soon, they will be back to make sure we do the job properly. We want like to surprise them all with a new garden however we need them put their mark on it by planting up the area and bring their knowledge and fun to make the whole thing sparkle.


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