Welcome to Horticap

pagefAt Bluecoat Wood Nurseries, Otley Road in Harrogate where suitably qualified staff and a team of volunteers provide adults with learning and other disabilities training in horticulture, allied crafts and rural skills.

Our opening times are 11am – 3pm.

We would like to thank all our supporters and customers for their wonderful support and patience during our lockdown at the nursery.

in order that customers who still remain isolated or who cannot access the nursery can obtain plants we will continue to take telephone orders on Wednesdays 10am – 4pm.

if you are visiting the nursery please ensure that you follow the on site guidance which is in place to protect your safety.

our tea room and garden remain closed but please keep an eye on our website and facebook page for further updates.

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Our Aims:

To provide our students who have learning and other disabilities with a supportive and friendly working environment so that they may develop their social and communication abilities. We aim to help students extend their knowledge and skills, through structured training using professionally qualified staff and volunteers.

To build, maintain and grow a beautiful garden for members of the public of all ages to enjoy which includes a wildlife and bird spotting area, as well as beautiful flowers, plants, trees and shrubs. We also have various seating areas to enjoy a picnic and a shop where an abundance of plants, gifts and garden items can be purchased.

A Message from our Patron

The spirit and enterprise of Horticap never ceases to amaze and delight me. I am proud to be their patron and urge everyone who knows the therapeutic qualities of gardening to support the sterling work they do. Using gardening as a means of enriching lives is something I have valued all my life; Horticap is living proof that it can transform lives.

Alan Titchmarsh MBE VMH DL

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providing training and education in horticulture for adults with learning disabilities in Harrogate and the surrounding district.
Horticap1 day ago
He’s back in the house...the greenhouse that is...Karl is back where he belongs on greenhouse guard duty and checking out we have enough compost 😀 It was only a visit this time, but fingers crossed it won’t be long until Karl (and all our students) are back in the greenhouse...and in the shop, the gardens, the workshop, the mess room...everywhere...and what a happier smilier place it will be 😀 #wemissourstudents
Horticap3 days ago
Time to pick the pansies 💐 and Stephen was doing just that when he paid us a visit. Great choice Stephen...he bought 10 for £9 but if you only want one they are 95p each😀we have fantastic colours and they also come in a hanging basket version for £8.95😀
Horticap4 days ago
The green bits are coming back 😀
Horticap5 days ago
We may not have been able to plant them together this year, but that hasn’t stopped our students keeping busy with the Horticap seeds..Here’s a beauty grown by David Simmons☀️
Horticap6 days ago
Phase 1 is complete and we are ready with phase 2 www.horticap.org/update-on-the-new-build-and-garden/
Horticap1 week ago
They’ve been eyeing up the bulbs 🐓 so we suggest you get yours quickly...daffodils, hyacinths, alliums..we have them all and they are just ready and waiting to bring you colour and joy next spring 🌼 🌼