May sees a gradual change to some warmer weather and a little less rain, allowing students to get busy in the veg gardens.

There has been a massive amount of activity around the site. The greenhouses continue to be a hive of activity filling up with bedding plants ready for summer planting. A start has been made on preparing summer hanging baskets, which will soon be filling the greenhouse to grow on ready for customer collections.

Perennials and shrubs continue to be potted up, tidied up and labelled, ready for sale.

Preparing our vegetable growing areas ready for planting up was completed during April and is now being filled with a range of leeks, sweetcorn, courgettes, and beetroot. Whilst our greenhouse is now filled with a selection of tomato varieties, cucumbers and peppers, all be utilised by Hopkins’ Cafe.

We also now have a choice of herbs growing in our raised beds and will next be preparing and planting a small fruit garden. Over the next few weeks, we will complete the vegetable planting with French beans and strawberries.

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